Auto-Applied Promo Codes

auto applied promo codes feature in taxi app

Riders can use a promo code to grab an extra discount on their total trip amount. Riders will find it easy and convenient that the eligible discount or promo code is automatically applied when they book a trip. Riders can get a discount on the estimated price for the trips. You can manage these promo codes through the admin panel of your taxi app.

As long as your current trip meets the requirements of the promotion, the promotional codes in your account will be applied right away to it. You can remove the promo code at any time or add a different promo code.

Auto promo codes are more commonly used for site-wide or publicly available promotions. Auto-applied discounts are easier for customers, as they do not need to find, remember, and apply the coupon code. It can increase the promotion's usage and reach.

How can targeting be used with auto-generated promo codes?

We advise gathering client data first, then segmenting the customer base. So you can target particular sectors with automatic discounts. On the admin panel, you should look for the things that set customer preferences and buying habits apart, and you should put customers into groups based on these things:

  • Categories based
  • Geographically based

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