Auto-Accept Trip Request

auto accept feature in taxi app

What is the auto-accept feature?

Auto Accept is a feature that helps drivers make sure they don't miss a trip. So, drivers can focus more easily on their next pickup, get a reward based on how well they accept trips, and rest easy knowing that their next trip will be offered and accepted quickly.

A driver can enable the "auto-accept trip" feature while online. Thus, for new trip requests, a driver does not need to click on trip requests to accept the trip. Instead, it will be automatically accepted.

The driver can enable or disable the "auto-accept trip" feature at any time. You can cancel the trip after it has been automatically accepted.

How can I enable or disable the "Auto-Accept" feature?

With the auto-accept toggle in the driver application, you can turn on or off the auto-accept feature.

What advantages does auto-accepting a trip offer?
  • You will no longer miss any trips because incoming trips will be automatically approved for you.
  • Drivers get back-to-back trips, eliminating the need to wait or look for their next trip.
  • Fulfill trips more quickly to increase your profits!

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