Driver Activity Logs

The driver activity logs to record what drivers are doing on the driver app. They need to record everything they’re doing to ensure that they’re doing their jobs well. Admin can check the driver activity logs to monitor the driver activities, daily trips, etc. Driver activity logs are the simplest to operate, most complete, and most versatile electronic Hours Of Service (HOS) solution. Driver activity logs provide the admin with complete visibility of the status of every driver in the Hours of Services(HOS) shift and cycle, including a replay of daily history and comprehensive reports.

The reports that drivers see at the end of the day give them insights into their working day and inspire them to think of ways to increase their revenue through the app going forward. There may be a lot of different kinds of information in these reports, such as the number of hours worked, earnings, travel distance, total trips, tips, and so on.

List of the Driver activity logs:

  • Automatically calculates and displays current and available driving and on-duty time in drivers’ shifts and cycles.
  • Admin can check reviews of six months of day-by-day history.
  • Admin can check editing logs (while recording the edit).
  • Admin can check to alert the driver of upcoming shift and cycle time violations.
  • Admin can check Automatic driving and stop status detection.

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