Taxi Booking with WhatsApp Bot

Taxi Booking with WhatsApp Bot

What is taxi booking with WhatsApp bot?

Booking a taxi via WhatsApp simplifies the process and provides an alternative for people unfamiliar with ride-hailing apps. It is very quick and simple. It won't even take a minute to book a taxi through the WhatsApp bot. Just two-three dialogues with the bot, and the taxi will be dispatched to your location.

How Do WhatsApp Bots Work?

A passenger sends a message to the bot via WhatsApp, and the bot checks if that phone number is in our database. If it's not, a WhatsApp message with a link for signup is returned.

If the person is already registered, they are asked to share their location using WhatsApp's "send location" feature. Once shared, the user is then asked to choose the required car type, then this information creates a booking through WhatsApp instead of having to book through the taxi app.

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