Top Ride-hailing Uber Alternatives In Southern Africa

Top Ride-hailing Uber Alternatives In Southern Africa

This article delves into the leading Uber-like services in Southern Africa, scrutinizing the dynamics of the African market and identifying opportunities for emerging ride-hailing companies.

In 2022, Uber achieved over a billion rides in nine African countries, showcasing the tremendous potential and growth in the African market. The continent's tech ecosystem is flourishing, with significant investments and a surge in tech startups, reaching $4.77 billion in deals in 2021. Urbanization is rapidly progressing, with an estimated 50% of Africa's population becoming urban dwellers by 2030, fostering a conducive environment for tech innovation.

This article focuses on the prominent ride-hailing alternatives in Southern Africa, covering Botswana, Eswatini (Swaziland), Lesotho, Namibia, and South Africa. While many Uber-like companies primarily operate in South Africa, other countries in the region present untapped potential for local ride-hailing services.

Without further delay, let's explore the top Uber-like companies in Southern Africa:

Top Ride-Hailing Taxi App in Southern Africa

1. Bolt

Bolt stands as Uber's main competitor, rapidly growing in South Africa since its 2016 launch. With operations in numerous cities, including Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban, Bolt offers affordability and convenience in five categories: Go, Bolt, Comfort, Premium, and Van.

2. Yookoo Ride

Yookoo Ride, a local ride-hailing service in South Africa, provides affordable options like Lift, Vibe, Lifestyle, and a Student Version. Utilizing face recognition technology for safety, it offers a unique feature that allows riders to propose their fare, fostering negotiation.

3. inDriver

IDiffering from conventional ride-hailing models, InDriver clone empowers users to set their fare, promoting transparent and fair deals. Operating in cities like Johannesburg and Durban, InDriver's unique features include passenger freedom to choose drivers based on ratings, cars, pick-up time, and price offers.

Discover the Thriving Ride-Hailing Scene in Southern Africa! 🌍 Our latest article takes you on a journey through the dynamic ride-hailing market of this vibrant region. We spotlight key players like Bolt and YoTaxi and delve into the unique features that set them apart. 🚀 With rapid urbanization and tech advancements, Southern Africa's transport sector is booming, reflecting its economic growth. We explore markets in Botswana, Eswatini, Lesotho, Namibia, and South Africa, highlighting the immense potential for local services. 🌟 Meet the giants - Bolt, Yookoo Ride, InDriver, Taxi Live Africa, LEFA, and more! While Uber and Bolt lead, there's a world of opportunity for ride-hailing expansion beyond South Africa and Namibia. Don't miss out on these insights!

4. Taxi Live Africa

Developed for private and metered taxis in South Africa, Taxi Live Africa blends traditional and Uber-like approaches. The app supports metered taxis, offering in-app live support, an emergency button, and a built-in police number for added safety.


Serving as Namibia's first ride-hailing app on the Onde platform, LEFA, founded in 2018, extends beyond on-demand ride-hailing. Offering services like staff transport, conference transfers, and small package deliveries, LEFA ensures safety through extensive profiling and a panic button.

6. YoTaxi

YoTaxi stands out as a premier taxi app in South Africa, crafted through collaborative efforts of numerous taxi owners in the region. Easily accessible, the app is available for download on both the Play Store and App Store. YoTaxi seamlessly integrates the convenience of Uber-like services with the reliability of metered taxi associations, ensuring clients have access to affordable rides.

7. Scoop a Cab

Scoop a Cab provides outstanding taxi services, allowing users the convenience of pre-booking their rides. The app includes a built-in panic button for emergency situations. Upon booking, the application efficiently pairs users with nearby drivers based on their location. Currently, Scoop a Cab operates in Pretoria, Bloemfontein, and Johannesburg, offering a fleet that includes meter taxis, private cars, and hatchbacks for a diverse range of transportation options.

8. Zebra Cabs

Zebra Cabs, a South African taxi app, offers versatile payment options, accepting credit cards, cash, and debit cards for ride transactions. The fleet boasts comfortable vehicles equipped with amenities like air conditioning and plush leather seats. Booking a ride with Zebra Cabs is hassle-free, providing multiple options such as using the app, online booking, or reaching out to the call center. The distinctive zebra-like stripes on their cars make them easily recognizable, ensuring convenient identification for passengers.

9. Tag Your Ride

Tag Your Ride stands out as an exceptional South African transport app, developed by Rogerant Tshibangu, a graduate from a South African university. The app implements standard pricing to ensure fairness and prevent overcharging, fostering a transparent and reliable service for customers. Currently operational in Harare, Durban, and Pietermaritzburg, Tag Your Ride can be conveniently accessed through the Google Play and App Store platforms, providing a seamless transportation experience for users.


In conclusion, while Uber and Bolt dominate the Southern African ride-hailing market, there is immense potential for further growth, especially in regions beyond South Africa and Namibia. The United Nations has recognized Africa as the most promising region for ride-hailing companies, indicating that the industry's potential in the region is just beginning to unfold.

The advent of mobile applications has significantly simplified the process of booking taxi rides. This technological advancement not only enhances convenience but also prioritizes customer safety through the integration of security features, including emergency buttons, within most taxi apps. The versatility of these applications extends to payment options, accommodating various preferences by accepting cash, credit cards, and wallet payments. As a result, the use of taxi apps has become synonymous with seamless, secure, and flexible transportation experiences for users.

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