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10 Best EV Charging Station Finder Apps in 2024

The surge in electric vehicle (EV) popularity brings with it a rapidly evolving technology landscape. With rising fuel costs, more people are transitioning to electric vehicles for their environmental benefits, energy efficiency, and cost savings. However, locating charging stations remains a primary concern for EV drivers, akin to finding petrol stations for conventional vehicles. In this article, we explore the top apps that make finding EV charging stations convenient and efficient.

As we transition to a more sustainable future, electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming increasingly popular. With this rise comes the need for accessible charging stations. To address this, various apps have been developed to help EV drivers locate charging stations conveniently. In this article, we'll explore the top 10 EV charging station finder apps in 2024, delving into their features and how they're shaping the EV landscape.

10 Best EV Charging Station Finder Apps

1. PlugShare

PlugShare leads as a community-driven app, helping over 4 million users find EV charging stations across iOS, Android, and the web. Users benefit from navigation guides, user reviews, and the ability to filter active stations. The app also offers payment options post-charging and a built-in trip planner, along with tracking for your charging sessions.

Key Features

  • Community-driven reviews and photos.
  • Real-time availability of charging stations.
  • Integration with various payment options.
  • Trip planner to map out routes with charging stations.

As electric vehicles become more prevalent, the need for reliable charging infrastructure grows. This blog highlights the best EV charging station finder apps that simplify the charging process for electric vehicle owners. From locating charging stations to accessing real-time availability and planning routes, these apps play a crucial role in supporting the growing electric vehicle ecosystem. Explore the features that make these apps essential for EV users.

2. EVGo

EVGo, catering to users in over 34 U.S. states, offers real-time updates and a user-friendly interface for a fee of $10. It provides information on over 1,000 DC fast chargers that can power EVs in under an hour, along with live customer support and premium membership options.

Key Features

  • Real-time station updates..
  • User-friendly interface with navigation guidance.
  • Live customer support.
  • Premium service options for members.

3. ChargePoint

ChargePoint, known for its extensive network of over 10,000 charging spots, features a real-time map with filters for charger types and pricing. Users can join waitlists at full stations and utilize the auto top-off feature for busy schedules.

Key Features

  • Over 10,000 charging spots.
  • Real-time map with filters for types of chargers and pricing.
  • Waitlist feature for full stations.
  • Auto top-off feature for busy users.

4. Chargeway

Chargeway stands out with its unique color and number coding system, indicating plug types and power levels at each station, helping users choose the most efficient charging options.Chargeway’s distinctive coding system helps users quickly identify the most suitable charging stations for their needs.

Key Features

  • Innovative color and number coding system for plug types and power levels.
  • User-friendly interface for efficient station selection.

5. EV Hotels

This app, priced at $0.99, is designed for drivers seeking overnight accommodations. It lists over 200,000 hotels, many offering EV charging, and includes special features for Tesla drivers. EV Hotels bridges the gap between travel and EV charging, targeting users who are on the road for extended periods.

Key Features

  • Access to over 200,000 hotels with charging stations.
  • Special features for Tesla drivers.

6. Chargemap

Available for both iOS and Android, Chargemap uses color codes for easy station identification and offers a clear UI, charging history tracking, and 24/7 customer support. It is currently enhancing its network compatibility. Chargemap focuses on user convenience and is known for its intuitive design.

Key Features

  • Color-coded station identification.
  • Detailed user interface with navigation and photos.
  • Charging history and consumption guide.

7. MyGreenCar

MyGreenCar is gaining popularity for its comprehensive features and ease of use. MyGreenCar provides standard EV charging app features like vehicle history and real-time charging updates, along with RFID and QR code functionality for easier station location. It offers 24/7 customer support without specific network compatibility.

Key Features

  • Detailed vehicle history and real-time charging updates.
  • RFID and QR code functionality.
  • 24/7 customer support.

8. ChargeHub EV & Tesla Charging

ChargeHub is tailored for Tesla owners and those seeking an easy-to-use EV charging station locator. ChargeHub aids in locating nearby stations and managing user accounts across different providers. It tracks the cost and time of each charging session, making it popular among Tesla owners. ChargeHub is particularly popular among Tesla owners due to its tailored services and free access to chargers.

Key Features

  • Nearby station locator with availability status.
  • Account management across various charging providers.
  • Detailed tracking of cost and time per charging session.

9. Statiq EV Charging

Statiq is making strides in the Indian market, with a focus on expanding its network and services. Statiq is expanding its network in collaboration with fuel and automobile brands, offering a comprehensive network for car, two-wheeler, and three-wheelercharging. Statiq’s growth strategy in India involves creating a dense network, catering to the specific needs of the Indian EV market.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive network for cars, two-wheelers, and three-wheelers.
  • Collaboration with fuel and automobile brands.

10. Electromaps

Electromaps is known for its extensive database and detailed station information. Electromaps provides detailed information about connector options and power at various stations, along with key tags or electro passes for activation and a favorites feature.

Key Features

  • Real-time information on connector options and power.
  • Key tag or electropass for station activation.
  • Favorites feature for frequently used stations.

Developing an EV Charging Station Finder App

Developing an EV Charging Station Finder App involves a blend of innovative technology and a deep understanding of the needs of electric vehicle drivers. It starts with a detailed analysis of the market, identifying the unique challenges and opportunities in the rapidly evolving EV landscape. The app should incorporate essential features like real-time mapping, comprehensive database integration of charging stations, user-friendly navigation, and compatibility with various EV models.

It’s also crucial to include user-centric features such as payment integration, station availability alerts, and customizable route planning. To ensure robust performance, the app must undergo rigorous testing for accuracy, speed, and reliability. Additionally, considering the integration of emerging technologies like AI and IoT, the app's functionality can be enhanced, making it not just a tool for locating charging stations but a comprehensive assistant for the EV driver’s journey.

The development process thus demands a careful balance between technical prowess, user experience, and forward-thinking innovation, aiming to contribute significantly to the convenience and adoption of electric vehicles.


The rise of EVs demands innovative solutions to charging station accessibility. These top EV charging station finder apps play a pivotal role in enhancing the EV driving experience, offering various features tailored to different user needs. As the EV market continues to grow, these apps will be instrumental in supporting the shift towards more sustainable transportation.

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